If, upon arrival of delivery, you or your agent are outside your business/residence address, do you need to prove that you can access the company/private address. The identity card will be reviewed when handing over your vehicle. A lease is a financial agreement and you must be at least 18 years old (17 in some cases) if you sign up for the contract. The vehicle usually comes with at least a quarter of a gas tank (this is not a contractual obligation, however). As a regulated credit intermediary of the Financial Conduct Authority, Alpha Contracts Leasing Limited has the right to advise and organise consumer credit agreements. We can introduce you to a number of lenders who can help you finance your vehicle, including, but not limited to: as with owning a car, the more miles the vehicle has traveled, the less it will be worth it. Therefore, if the customer has exceeded his estimated annual mileage, he will have to pay an additional fee at the end of the contract. You can exchange your vehicle at the end of the contract and take another vehicle from us. If the commercial value is higher than the OFP, you can use the difference for a deposit on a new vehicle.

Or you can simply return the vehicle to the funder if you have not exceeded the mileage and the vehicle is in an age-appropriate condition, no tax is levied. Finally, you can either keep the vehicle by paying the OFP in full, or you will notice that most companies offer the possibility of refinancing the OFP. In general, green cars are initially more expensive, both in leasing and purchasing. However, many green motorists earn this money over time because the vehicle results in low or no energy costs. The government has also committed to at least five additional years of subsidy for the electric car, which will subside the cost of many green cars (up to £4,500) to make them more affordable. The subsidy also applies to renting a green car and works to cover a significant portion of the costs of your upfront payments. Yes, all our vehicles come with a full UK warranty, valid for at least 36 months (and maybe longer). If you sign the documents for your vehicle, your bank details will be deducted and your payments will then be deducted from this account. When renting a contract, a company or individual rents and drives the car for a set period of time. On our website you can get the vehicle for an agreed period, usually 24, 36 or 48 months with an agreed annual mileage. The client pays regular monthly payments as well as a small initial rent payment.

At the end of the contract term, the vehicle is returned to the company and you can negotiate the delivery of a new replacement model. If you would like accurate information about your manufacturer`s warranties, please contact your manufacturer directly….