Assemblies should be taken into account in your indicated time budget. The morning and afternoon breaks specified in your schedule count as part of your total hours of directed time. Although it is likely that only a small number of employees will perform a service on a turn-based basis, it is true that all staff may be asked to be available for work if such a situation arises that requires it (for example. B an emergency). If you are responsible for management or administration, you are entitled to a reasonable period of time during school hours to do so. This should be clearly stated on your schedule. While there is no minimum amount, if you receive Teaching and Learning Responsibility (LR) compensation or if you are paid on the backbone of leadership, you should have enough time to perform your leadership and management duties that are commensurate with your level of responsibility, in addition to the time allocated to the PA. A decision on the assignment of work tasks to teachers is made by the employer in consultation with the respective teacher and reports in the form of a work item plan. The work schedule may include a period of one calendar year, one academic year, one semester or one quarter. Overtime pay in the form of overtime pay for regular/qualified overtime or compensatory leave.

As a general rule, the employee can choose his own form of remuneration. All overtime must be agreed/approved or ordered by the immediate supervisor. Here are the key elements that should be included in the calculation of a directed time budget. Your school should ensure that you are able to achieve a satisfactory balance between the time it takes for your job and the time it takes to pursue interests outside of work. In supervised schools in England, the targeted time budget and schedule are key to helping you achieve the right work-life balance. A teacher who receives additional payments for extracurricular learning hours and professional development (CPD) may be ordered to perform these activities outside of designated hours. A working time agreement (WTA) is a collective agreement concluded at school level between the trade union(s) and the director. Overtime may not exceed 150 hours per calendar year or no more than 50 hours per calendar month. As a general rule, compensatory leave is taken no later than the calendar month following the overtime regulation. Compensatory leave per overtime hour includes: Ordinary overtime is equal to one and a half times the overtime period. In the case of qualified overtime, a period equal to twice the duration of overtime. Overtime taken as leave is not included in the total hours of work per calendar year.

If, during a year of operation, there is a particular need for a teacher who leads beyond the tasks specified in the work plan, an attempt should first be made to reschedule the work tasks within the framework of the annual working hours. If this is not possible, overtime pay is paid as follows: The vast majority of publicly funded schools in England operate according to the Teachers` Remuneration and Conditions Document (STPCD), which states that a class teacher cannot be instructed by the principal to work up to a maximum of 1,265 hours 195 days a year. .