The interconnection agreement contains information such as: As part of the auto-connection processes, CIPs may sometimes need to access WPD substations as part of their work. This agreement allows PPCs to rent substation keys from WPD. A copy of the ENA for issuing and returning keys for the WPD substation can be viewed here. We have developed a bilateral agreement that combines both network access for live LV jointization and HV operations with the network acceptance agreement. This FNAA agreement allows an ICP/IDNO to sign a global agreement to acquire assets and experience joint work in the four WPD areas. Further details on connection point self-determination and design self-approval can be found in standard techniques, accessible via the Technical Information page. Under no circumstances should a new or enhanced connection be powered or the connection conditions changed without a signed and up-to-date custom/bilateral connection agreement. The framework agreement is comprehensive. However, we require that a site-specific schedule be established for each project or project. The advantage of this approach is that it requires much less paperwork for each system than the previous tripartite agreement. Due to the supply contract you conclude with the supplier of your choice, you automatically enter into the national connection conditions.

In many cases, we also need a site-specific connection agreement. Below is a list of connection models and the link for spd and SPM. A corresponding bilateral connection agreement must be established for each IDNO connection. A CUSTOM CONNECTION AGREEMENT is required for each connection clocked at HV or higher, or for each site where generation is installed. To enter into this agreement with us or if you have any questions, please contact Once a connection offer has been accepted, we may need to enter into a permanent agreement setting out the terms of the connection. These may be connection agreements for individual premises or bilateral interconnection agreements for on-board networks owned by an independent network operator (IDNO). Before a new connection is completed/powered on: A tracking agreement is an agreement between the owner/user and WPD….