Your agreement will be one of two types: If the lessor charges a deposit, he must deposit it with Tenancy Services within 23 working days. If the landlord or tenant does not accept the payment of the deposit, we will inform both parties that there is a problem. The deposit will be refunded if we receive either: in order to minimize disputes, owners and tenants must carry out a first inspection at the beginning of the lease and sign a property inspection report. This can be used at the end of the lease to highlight any damage that may have occurred during the rental period. Inspections should continue throughout the rental in order to track the progress of the damage and a final check should be carried out as soon as the tenant moves. These recordings should help to avoid problems with the repayment of the deposit. If you are a kiwibank customer, you can deposit your bonds online. We are currently investigating alternative payment methods for affected customers. If you wish, it can be transferred to a new lease. For this to happen, a transfer form should be signed by you and your new and old owners.

The new owner should then send it to the rental service. By collecting a deposit, you build a sense of security for your rental. While we all hope to have perfect tenants who leave the property exactly as they found it, there are cases where damage goes beyond normal wear and tear, which requires repairs. If all goes well at the end of the lease, the lessor must complete a refund form with Tenancy Services to process it. Bonds are usually refunded within 5 working days of receipt of a completed refund form signed by the lessor and tenants. You, all other tenants and the landlord must complete the rental site`s bond refund form and then return them to Tenancy Services. The easiest way is to email it to Bond is the money that landlords can demand as collateral when a new lease begins. This money is held by Tenancy Services for the duration of the lease.

In the event of negligent or intentional damage to the property during a lease or in the absence of payment of rent, the lessor may use the deposit to cover these costs. If a tenant leaves the property in good condition and has paid his rent in full, he can expect his deposit to be refunded at the end of his lease. The lease is a legal-grade contract between you and the landlord….