1. Think critically about how these new challenges will change the way we handle leasing transactions 2. Put yourself in place to thrive in the new status quo, how to close rent at best There are occasions when customers do not meet the terms of their lease. If this is the case, Thrive will refuse certain services for a period of six months, as outlined in the attached document. We have a home for everyone – families, single people, couples, people over 55 and people with special needs. Our homes are available to people over the age of 16 (or younger if you move in with the rest of your family!) New customers with digital rentals (from June 2018) are not allowed to change the rental conditions. Thrive will support stable homes that provide a safe foundation for life by involving people in social and economic support that will help create inclusive and accessible communities. The Thrive Deal does not change your existing agreement with us and the terms of your lease remain unchanged. We will visit you at least six months before the end of your temporary rental period and let them know if Thrive is concerned; Your type of rental was included as a reference in the attached cover letter. Full definitions of the different types of rentals are contained in our Tenure Policy. Find out what you can expect if you sign a lease with us, what you need to do to get it and how to end your lease. You can transfer to another property once the first year of your lease has passed and only if you are not late and your lease has not been breached.

We distribute our homes in partnership with local authorities and other social donors through a common allocation policy. Each municipality has a common housing register. It is essential to recognize that while coronavirus will have a short-term impact on our ability to do business, it may well bring about long-term changes that we all need to adapt to. Fortunately, rental data during the COVID 19 pandemic indicate that there is still a chance of success. In concrete terms, rent use decreased by about 1.4% in the six months prior to the dismantling. However, during the dismantling, rent applications increased by 14%. So let`s take into account some of the big changes and how to make the most of our time to prepare to rent homes successfully in these difficult times. As part of the application process, your Property Manager conducts all necessary background examinations with potential tenants, including reference exams, work arbitrators and identification exams. They also have access to a rental database to see their latest leases and if there are red flags that are worth observing.

Registration reports are an important part of a lease agreement.