2.6: The company employee will execute any confidentiality agreement that the customer may require. The customer is responsible for obtaining the signature of the company employee. The client undertakes to keep confidential the identity of a company employee as well as the CV, social security number and other personal data protected by company law, and the customer undertakes to implement and maintain appropriate security procedures and practices to protect this information from unauthorized access, access, use, modification or unauthorized disclosure. 3.4: This agreement, the terms and conditions attached to Schedule A and all intermediation letters are the full agreement relating to these transactions and replace all prior oral or written communications between the Entity and the client regarding these transactions. (b) Conversion fees are one per cent per thousand up to 35% of the employee`s total annual compensation, including bonuses, or annual contract fees with the customer or customer (the “Conversion Fee”). The company charges the customer for the processing costs that are due and pay after receiving the invoice. Regardless of the job classification of the company employee hired by the customer or a customer, conversion fees must be paid full-time, temporary (including temporary orders from an agency or organization other than the company) or on an advisory basis (including independent subcontracting), and the same calculation of conversion costs applies when the customer or related company transforms that part-time employee with equivalent time-to-time compensation. full. Conversion fees are also payable to the company if such an employee of the company is hired by a related company or by another person or organization as a result of a recommendation from such an employee by the customer or a customer partner. The term “services” refers to the delivery of services by the company to the customer. This customer agreement for temporary services (the “agreement”) governs transactions in which the customer retains the services of Brilliant Staffing, LLC (“Enterprise”) to help your business (“customer”) meet its staffing needs. Additional conditions for services are contained in Schedule A attached to this Agreement (the “Terms of Sale”), which are included in the entire agreement by reference. In any employment service letter issued under this agreement (a letter of arrangement for employment and together the “Job Arrangement Letters”), the company establishes additional conditions for services whose terms are also included in this agreement.

All services provided under this agreement are subject to an investment letter sent to the client each time the entity provides services to the client under this agreement. In order to initiate a service, the customer will inform the company by specifying the services the customer needs through a message (by phone. B by phone, email, fax or email) describing the customer in an appropriate detail case. The company will respond immediately to this request and indicate whether or not the company will provide the requested service.