It`s the first NSA at the Post Office, but it won`t be the last. Our pricing group is negotiating with other mailers to enter into agreements that will encourage companies to increase their use of the mail as an effective marketing tool. By expanding their activities, these companies will increase our business and add significant revenue to our final result. The national NSOs we audited generally resulted in an increase in mail volume and revenue; However, we were unable to determine whether the increases were a direct result of incentives created by the agreements. In addition, the data used to calculate discounts, discounts and growth in e-mail volume were not always correct. In addition, the data provided to the Postal Regulatory Commission did not always match the data used by the Post Office to calculate rebates and rebates. We found $1.2 million in incorrect and questionable quarterly price discounts and adjustments for customers. Finally, the Post Office does not have specific criteria for the retention of NSA data. We also found another issue related to the legal obligation that the NSA not be able to cause inappropriate harm to the market. As you may know, financial services company Capital One receives price incentives under the NSA in exchange for sending more first-class items to attract new customers and grow its business. Ultimately, it could generate millions of new revenues and increase our bottom line.

If the USPS decides to terminate negotiations with the candidate before reaching an agreement on an NSA in point 1.1, the pricing strategy manager communicates in writing to the candidate and explains the decision. Within 15 days of receiving the written statement, the candidate may request a re-examination of the decision of the line manager. The applicant`s request for reconsideration must contain additional information and reasons why negotiations related to the NSA should resume. The candidate files an audit request with the Vice-President for pricing and classification through the Pricing Strategy Officer (see address 608.8.0). An mailer seeking an NSA from the USPS must submit a written proposal to the USPS pricing strategy manager with appropriate documentation (see address 608.8.0).