Departments that use Microsoft desktop or server software with requirements to keep abreast of updates and release updates can benefit from MCCA`s low annual subscription price. The latest version of the software is still available for installation, but current supported versions can also be provided. The campus now makes Office 365 available to staff and faculties as a central productivity tool. All employees and teachers are included in a campus license for Office 365. The following units are subscribed for Windows OS and Core CALs for AD and Visio and/or Project server access. Services that have the majority of Windows computers and are connected to Active Directory file sharing may be allowed: Please note: ITS has not yet activated or verified the security, privacy and support requirements for the OneDrive cloud service. Office 365 is available to active teachers/collaborators and registered students. Access ends 30 days after separation or retirement. Microsoft has changed descriptive terminology, next year the knowledge worker will be designated as a qualified user of education/QEU Do Not Count studentische Mitarbeiter, including GSR/TA`s, working in a department/department/unit MCCA subscriber, requires all knowledge workers to participate in this program in an office/department/division. For more information, please contact ITS Software Licensing. Faculty/staff can download Office 365 at: Sign in with your email address, then CruzID-Gold password. After installing the software, you can connect to Office 365 on up to 5 computers, 5 phones and 5 tablets, which are in person or in the possession of the university.

For more information, visit the Office 365 service page. If you have registration problems or have any questions, please contact the help. For example, all Windows and Virtual Machine installations are available to run the latest Windows 10 operating system and connect to file storage and authentication services. Prior to 2003, MSCA-licensed software was to be distinguished from non-licensed MSCA software because CDs were not holographic, did not require activation (for products that otherwise should have been activated) and, in some cases, did not require a valid license key. The Microsoft software subscription service counts knowledge workers, but not light users In addition, the MSCA license required that those who purchased Windows XP Professional have an existing Windows license and authorize the installation of Office products on up to two computers.