Pinnacol Shortcuts Video: Employees, independent contractors or subcontractors Why is it important to know if the person working for you is an employee or an independent contractor? Indeed, the answer determines whether he or she should be covered by the remuneration policy of your employees. Pinnacol`s independent contractor form, available in English and Spanish, provides documents on a business relationship within the meaning of the Colorado Workers` Compensation Act. Call 303.361.4000 or 800.873.7242 to request copies. It`s a good idea to be safe. Discuss the facts with your agent, sub-representative or auditor. You can transfer the contracts between you and the person to your agent, insurer or legal auditor to confirm the status of an independent contractor. If you answer yes to ALL questions, it is most likely an independent contractor, that is, you would not have to cover it as part of your employees` compensation policy. This video also lets you learn more about the difference between employees, independent contractors and subcontractors in two minutes or less. Under the Colorado Workers Compensation Act, anyone who works for you is an employee, unless he/she is.