If your employer asks for your consent to the wage reduction – and you do not accept – he can choose to terminate your contract with termination. Your communication is defined in your contract. Your employer can then offer you a new contract with the reduced salary, although this is not guaranteed. Sometimes a change in your contract can be discriminatory, z.B. if you are a person with a disability and it causes a problem for you. Contractual terms include salary, working time, sick pay and the pension plan. Not all of your contractual terms may be included in the written declaration of your terms of employment. Some may be included in your staff manual, specifications or collective agreement. More information about the terms of the contract can be find in our employment contract. Changes to these conditions must be agreed between you and your employer. I do not agree with this treaty change and I do not want to work those hours. Can the company fire me if I refuse to sign a new contract as they seem to justify? What are my rights and what can I do? Working conditions (Information Act 1994-2014 also specify the conditions to be written down in your contract (for example.

B name, professional title, company address, date you started a job, etc.). The requirement to receive a written declaration of your terms of employment is specified in Section 3. Check your contract to see if your employer has the option of reducing working time. It would be in the normal working hours section of the document, and it might have been written some flexibility in your conditions to allow for quiet periods in business or in anticipation of a slowdown in the economy. There may also be “payment terms” in your contract. If your employer wants to change a contractual clause, this is called a “contract variant.” If a collective agreement changes employment contracts, the amendment applies to you even if you are not a member of the union or the staff association. Your employer should go to a fair trial if they wish to use an amendment clause to change their contract.